Royal Mail Updates

We want to reassure everyone that we are working incredibly hard behind the scenes to ensure the safety of our staff whilst continuing to get orders shipped within our turnaround.

Please scroll to the bottom to find out latest updates. 

Some things however are out of our control, recently we have been advised that there is a delay with some of the Royal Mail sorting offices. Our Business Account manager has made us aware that they are working extra hard to rectify this as soon as possible but we hate to say that a number of our customers have been affected.  Unfortunately we are unable to identify which offices and which areas of the country are affected. We could dispatch two parcels on the Monday, one may arrive the next day and the other could take 2 weeks!

We have been made aware this is something to do with one of the new sorting offices within the Yorkshire area where delays are happening and it can depend on which day/driver comes to collect to which sorting depot our parcels are going to.

We know that this is frustrating for you all, however there is nothing that we can do right now until we find out what is happening. We ask that you please be patient, as many of you are aware this is the busiest time of year anyway before you add a global pandemic to the mix! Royal Mail have asked that we sit tight and wait for an update. We completely understand that you want your orders as soon as possible – we’re customers to many businesses ourselves and we too have been affected by this.

We will keep all affected customers updated as soon as we know anymore.

Thank you for your understanding

 Update 17/12 

 The below dispatch dates updated as follows - 

3rdNo Known issues- All we have so far checked are Delivered. 

4th-  No Known issues as yet - All we have so far checked are Delivered. 

7th – A  significant number of these parcels are delayed and have not been scanned at the Parcel Sorting Center yet - We are seeing movement scanned today (17/12) for those who selected 24. - We are now seeing movement and deliveries for Tracked 48! - WOOO (18/12)

8Th – A significant number of these parcels are delayed and have not been scanned at the Parcel Sorting Center yet -We are seeing movement scanned today (17/12) for those who selected 24. -  We are now seeing movement and deliveries for Tracked 48! - WOOO (18/12)

9th-  A small number of items are delayed at the Parcel sorting Center - All Tracked 24 - delivered. Tracked 48 are starting to be delivered, some still awaiting to be scanned. 

10th  - Tracked 24 - All delivered, Tracked 48 - On their way to local hubs - All that have so far been checked are now scanned. 

11th – The majority of items are on the way to local delivery hubs. A very Small number still to be scanned and sorted in the parcel Sorting Center Tracked 24 - Most are delivered, the rest are on their way but have been scanned. Tracked 48 - Are starting to be Delivered. 

14th- Tracked 24 - All parcels delivered. Tracked 48 - Majority checked have been scanned. none yet delivered. 

15th-  Tracked 24 - All delivered. Tracked 48 - Mixture of being scanned & awaiting scan.

16th - Tracked 24 - Not yet Scanned -  Tracked 28 - Not yet Scanned.


Update 10/12 - Some items sent Week commencing the 30th of November have been delayed. This is due to continued disruption across the Royal Mail Network and Staffing issues in Parcel Sorting Centers because of the effects of Covid-19. We are working hard with Royal Mail to ensure effected items are delivered as soon as possible. Tracking information showing "sender dispatching item" means that we have sent your item and it has been collected on the date you received a dispatch email, however your parcel has not yet been scanned in at a parcel sorting center. The Tracking information shown can take some time to update. 


UPDATE 02/12 - We have been in contact further with royal mail today and have received the following update. This is our update from our Business manager within royal mail.

"There is a national issue with items dispatched on the 23rd of November. This is a widespread disruption and delays with any tracked 48 parcels. The head of customer service is now looking into it and putting out a statement at some point because it has got that bad, however they do not know when this will be.
They are speaking to contact centers to ensure that all dispatch updates are correct as some are still showing as 'awaiting to be dispatched by sender' when they have in fact been dispatched and picked up by royal mail. So when a customer rings royal mail, royal mail are telling customers that they have not received the parcel but this is not the case"